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"I needed this program when I was desperately trying to launch my own international education career."

This six week program ditches tired advice about launching and growing a career in international education and meaningful travel and rebuilds your approach to networking, gaining experience, growing your knowledge, and landing a job from the ground up.

We swap the never ending cycle of applying for jobs, countless unanswered informational interview requests, constant chorus of “get a master’s degree” with strategic action, fruitful relationship building, and a career roadmap.




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"International education is a vibrant industry, but it’s also extremely small with a lot of cliques and ‘in crowds’ that can be tough to infiltrate."

One of the most critical AND most challenging parts of launching your career in this field is developing your community.

International education is a vibrant professio, but it’s also extremely small with a lot of cliques and ‘in crowds’ that can be tough to infiltrate.

Going to a conference where you don’t know a soul is scary and intimidating. Not having peers and colleagues to share ideas with, get feedback, or just vent can feel really lonely. And it was one of the biggest challenges I faced early in my career.

Because community and relationship building are so important, we’ve made community building and networking cornerstones of the Global Pro Institute.

By joining GPI you become a member of a vibrant community of like-minded peers who will become your closest friends, colleagues, and network as you grow your career.



From grad assistant to senior vice president to CEO, and many other titles and positions in between.

I've spent the past 10 years building an extremely successful career in the international education and meaningful travel industries.

I’ve seen nearly every side and perspective of this field and have experienced first-hand what it takes to not only launch a global career, but build one that thrives.

I’ve mentored individuals and teams, presented to auditoriums of hundreds coaching them to build dynamic and exciting careers they love.




“I’ve been working mostly on the margins of international education my entire lengthy career, and was looking to make the plunge into a full-time role. While I had vast and in-depth experience in many countries throughout the world, what I did not have was specific knowledge about the diverse components of the international education sector. I did not know its history of growth in the U.S.; I did not know the multitude of players in the third party provider world; I did not know the many layers and functions within a university setting; I did not know any senior level executive in the sector; I did not know how to position myself for potential employers; I did not know how to craft my resume; and I did not know for certain if this was really the sector for me.

What GPI did was make me knowledgeable in all those areas, which gave me the confidence to tailor my search in the most effective way possible. Especially beneficial were the Master Classes, where I thought I would hear from mid-level managers for 30 minutes on their roles, but what I got was 60 minutes or more with the top executives and sometimes the actual founders of prestigious providers, institutions, or universities. And GPI’s founder, Brooke Roberts, had such an extensive grasp of the trade, and taught her classes and conducted interviews with such enthusiasm and positive energy that I was sad to see the program end! GPI’s easy to use online format and measured pace of the coursework were perfect for my busy overseas life, and Brooke was always available with support if I needed some extra help or a boost in my confidence. I am certain that GPI will become the essential course for anyone contemplating the sector. I don’t know where I would be in my search if I hadn’t found GPI.” - Joe Kaesshaefer, Senior US Foreign Service Officer

"I directly attribute my current employment to GPI; it was an important first step. I had signed up to volunteer for an organization, but never heard back from the volunteer coordinator, who shortly thereafter left the organization and sent out an email asking us to reach out to her. After watching Module 3, I decided to add her on Facebook, and she immediately offered me an internship, which turned into a job!" - Sonia Meyer

“GPI helped me begin to assemble a toolkit for building my career in international education. I learned valuable tips about identifying the skills I already have, maintaining and nourishing professional relationships, and writing killer resumes and cover letters that will help me job search like a pro. I'll be forever grateful to GPI for this new knowledge!” -Tiera Greene

"I was making a career change and wanted to explore international education. This program exceeded my expectations! I was so impressed with the amount of material covered, and the in-depth interviews with experts in the field were a great bonus.Brooke Roberts is a dynamic, engaging presenter, and I felt as if I were in the same room with her and not across the country. The insights and career advice that she and Pouneh Eftekhari shared have been so helpful. Last but not least, the Facebook group is a supportive forum for participants to encourage and learn from each other. - Betty Jaros




  • Deep-dive hour-long video interviews and conversations with experts in nearly every area of international education and meaningful travel.
  • We walk you through the fundamentals of the work, skills and knowledge required to work in that space, and best ways to land a job in that area.
  • Real-world stories from successful professionals on how they launched and grew their own careers.


  • Weekly live Q&A sessions in the GPI Facebook group. In these mentoring sessions Brooke will answer your questions and help you apply this content to your career growth and job search (each session is recorded).
  • A little cheerleading and real-talk to help you move past roadblocks and self-doubt to start taking action on the things that will make the biggest impact on your career.
  • Time zone or scheduling issues with the live sessions? Don’t worry. You can submit your questions anytime to be answered during the group coaching.


  • Building your network in the international education and meaningful travel industries is crucial for career success - and it's best to start with your peers.
  • You receive lifetime and exclusive access to the members-only private Facebook group where you can network with other aspiring professionals in the field.
  • Post successes, challenges, questions, feedback, and inspiration for other members to cheer, review, and provide feedback.
  • Engage with Brooke and other thought-leaders in international education and youth travel
  • This group will become your cohort of peers, future colleagues, and life-long friends. Value? Priceless.


  • Brooke has completed well over 5 hours of video resume and cover letter critiques to help all GPI members create killer application materials
  • Learn what the best and brightest do with their resumes and cover letters to get noticed (and land the job)
  • Apply these lessons to your own resume and cover letters to create materials that will set you apart from your peers


  • Invitation to FREE GPI-only networking receptions, educational workshops, and fun outings hosted during regional and national conferences around the country and world.
  • Meet and connect in-person with your fellow GPI members at our exclusive networking events.
  • You'll get exclusive access to Brooke's amazing network of friends and colleagues in the field. (This is priceless.)
  • Meet with Brooke in person!
  • Opportunities to become a Chapter Coordinator for Inside Study Abroad Meet-ups in your city or region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this course?
For. Ev. Er. That's right! You get life-time access to the complete Global Pro Institute program including all future updates and additions including new masterclass interviews, videos, documents, and anything else.
What if I can't start the program on the first day, or week, or month? What happens?
If you can't join in on the live program, that's totally fine. You'll receive the content and module announcement emails every week and then you can log in to start view the content whenever you're ready. We've had plenty of students join and then hold off on diving into the program after a big move, changing jobs, a vacation, graduation, etc. Not only that, we've had people go through the program once...and then go through it all again to implement even more of the strategies taught in the program. Your career is ever evolving and so your approach to it will too. What I teach in GPI will stand the test of time.
What happens once I enroll?
First, welcome and congratulations! We're so happy you decided to join us! When you enroll, you'll immediately get access to the Welcome Module and Modules 1 and 2 of the program so you can start diving into the content and taking action immediately.

The Modules will be released to you based on this schedule:

Day 0 - Welcome and Modules 1 & 2
Day 7 - Masterclass Interviews
Day 14 - Module 3
Day 21 - Module 4
Day 28 - Module 5
Day 35 - Module 6

You'll receive an email on the release date of the Module with a few details about what we'll be covering that week.

Keep in mind that the release of each module is based on the day you enroll. So if you enroll on a Tuesday, expect to receive the module emails and get access to the lessons each Tuesday.
What if I change my mind? Do you offer a refund?
You bet we do! If you go through the course, implement my strategies, and don't see any results, then you can email us within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. This is a big investment of time and energy on our part and we only want students who are serious about launching their IE careers.
What format is the course content delivered in?
Good question! The course materials are shared as video content, printable slides, and a course workbook. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you'll be set.

Have more questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible: CONTACT US

More questions? Email hello@insidestudyabroad.com and we'll try to get back to you ASAP!

How much does this program cost?


Who is the program for?


This course is for those who are struggling to start their career in international education and meaningful travel. You have the passion and willingness to work hard and learn, but you're struggling to get an interview or even responses to your applications. You need a serious crash course to transition from passionate participant to powerhouse professional.


You've done what everyone told you to do - you got a master's degree. But you're still struggling to land the jobs you want or earn the salary you deserve. You have the foundational knowledge of the field, but now you need rock star strategies to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.


This course is for you if you're struggling to showcase your existing professional experience and expertise in a way that makes you a contender for jobs in this field. You know how to be a value-add employee, but you need a primer on the foundation of IE and how to get attention with your existing experience.


You've been in the IE world for awhile and you love it. But you're struggling to transition to other types of organizations or roles that you're passionate about. You're frustrated with the clicks and "old boys' clubs" in the field and wondering how you can grow your own powerhouse network of peers, colleagues, and friends.

"GPI helped me solidify my desire to work in International Education/Meaningful Travel (IEMT). The insightful knowledge that Brooke and Pouneh shared were really invaluable and it was great to hear from those who have been through the experience of trying to break into the IEMT field. I also enjoyed getting to communicate with other GPI participants in the Facebook group, getting to share resources, opinions, and experiences as well as knowing that there were other people who were in the same boat of trying to break into the IEMT field.

The breakdown of the modules as well as the various master classes were a great part of this program. Before doing GPI, I had no idea how many different niches there were in IEMT; my eyes were opened to all of the possibilities. Doing GPI was one of the best decisions I’ve made in order to break into the IEMT field.” -Christina Nguyen

"GPI helped me identify and relate my own skill set and experience to positions I'm interested in. Having previous experience as an academic, rather than an IEMT professional, means I have to reposition myself and work on my branding more to let others know what I really want to do. Sometimes you need to have experience to get experience,and sometimes it's more about your network. GPI has made me more aware of my network and the relationships I've built and how to give back as well. And I'm happy to say that I've accepted a job as Associate Director of Research and Scholarship at NAFSA! Thank you GPI!" - Shanna Saubert, PhD

"I signed up for GPI primarily to learn about more professional opportunities in IEMT, learn how to better craft my resume/cover letter and get industry resources. I did not expect to end this course with a career HQ, a bigger network of industry professionals and a confidence to put action to my professional aspirations." - Sarah Davis

As an aspiring professional in the field, I now feel more confident in the knowledge and skills that I have. I can angle them to benefit the field/industry in a positive and innovative direction. To be innovative, I first have to know how the field started and developed, and GPI provided the information and resources to do so. - Adriana Smith

“GPI helped me pinpoint my IEMT interests, build my personal brand and perfect my resume. I feel so much more confident about my choice in a career in IEMT after completing these 6 weeks of interaction with a group of wonderful, intelligent people. I feel positive about the future and look forward to seeing the different directions we all take as we build our careers in IEMT!” - Nicole McCarthy

"GPI has helped me become more intentional about planning my career and building my brand. As a early/mid career professional, I was excited to get started in IEMT after a study abroad experience, and was happy just to be offered opportunities to work in the field. However, it's now time to position myself and build expertise in specific areas to move beyond being hired for what I have done - to what I can do. GPI taught me the skills and strategies to do just that." - Trevor Foley

“GPI provided a broad view on the field of IEMT. I came into the program with only knowledge of study abroad and came out of it with insight on a multitude different career focuses. The personal input and nuances accompanied with the developed content made for a truly comprehensive road map. Two important concepts I took away from this learning experience are to be an action taker and to know your brand.” - Brittany Kindberg

“Originally, I wanted to learn how to differentiate myself from others vying to enter the IEMT field. After completing the GPI program, I feel self-assured that I am able to express my skills, experiences, and overall personal brand accordingly to future employers. The program was also extremely informative in providing a different perspective about the industry, effective ways to network, and how current, established professionals in the field were able to create their own niche.” - Nastacia (Staci) House

"I didn't know what I was doing wrong before and I felt like I had no relevant skills. GPI helped me to build a personal brand, realize that IEMT is a viable career path, and gave me the tools to get noticed. I really liked the networking idea of simply approaching people I'm interested in (to hear their story). Now, I feel excited about networking. It doesn't seem like a chore anymore. Thank you Brooke and Pouneh for giving me hope!" - Amanda Kime

"As someone who has skirted around the International Education industry for about 5 years now, unsure of how to enter, I finally feel ready with a plan on how to find my niche. This affirmed everything I have been doing up to now, which was so critical in a time where I felt that nothing I had done up to this point was going to help set me apart in the field. Thanks for the self-esteem boost." - Arianna Lopez

“GPI took me beyond theory and formal understandings of IEMT and introduced me to the everyday worlds of professionals making contributions similar to those I aspire to achieve. It reminded me of the skills and the network I already had, taught me to build both, and has prepared me to continue to grow in the field. I now have a road map to guide my own progress, and have met an inspiring group of future colleagues eager to helps others learn and engage across the globe.” -Carla Tumbas

GPI has helped me identify a personal branding and networking strategy to improve my search for a job in international education. It also has helped me identify new work opportunities in the field. - Nadia Lefebvre

It's your time to do BIG things.

If you want to launch and grow your career in international education and meaningful travel, if you want to develop a network of real friends and colleagues before you even land your next job, if you want to learn the tactics to skip to the head of the job seekers line, the the Global Pro Institute is THE program for you.

Enroll now to make some magic happen in your career.

This course is not open for enrollment.


More questions? Email hello@insidestudyabroad.com and we'll try to get back to you ASAP!



"Brooke is a dynamic thought leader, taking her passion for education into her other love – yoga. She is incredibly smart and has a huge capacity to tie people and ideas together in new and meaningful ways. She is clearly driven to succeed in her endeavors and when you speak with Brooke you just find yourself cheering for her to make it all happen!. I admire her courage to push boundaries and she has helped me push a few of my own. I am sincerely honored to be in her circle."

- Cynthia Banks, President, Foundation for Global Scholars and Founder, Globalinks Learning Abroad (now part of ISA)

"Brooke's enthusiasm, hard-work and collegiality make her a model colleague. She brings energy and passion to all that she undertakes, and I recommend her projects without reservation."

- Tony Johnson, President, The Academic Internship Council (part of CIEE)

"Brooke is, simply said, a study abroad rockstar. When it comes to study abroad, Brooke knows her stuff, and she knows it well. She's incredibly intelligent, professional, and has a business savvy that has always impressed me. Bottom line: when I have a question about international education, I go to Brooke."

- Samantha Cooper, Co-Founder, PDX Abroad and London Program Director, EUSA Academic Internships

"Brooke Roberts is an institution. When Go Overseas is considering anything new in the world of International Education, I check with Brooke to hear her strategic thoughts & vision. I can't think of a better person to run a course like the Global Pro Institute. It's going to change many lives in the world of International Education, and create a better, more professional group of staff & visionaries for this very important field that impacts so many students & people around the world."

- Mitch Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder, Go Overseas

"Brooke is the epitome of GSD. She sees what she wants, she researches the best way to make it happen, and she executes. She is my social media and web guru, a business-savvy entrepreneur, a passionate educator, and a good friend."

- Natalie Garrett, Co-Founder, The Study Abroad Journal

"As Senior Vice President at GoAbroad.com, Brooke guided the company during a critical expansion period. Several of her innovations evolved from concept to successful products in a short and efficient time period. Brooke managed nearly 100 staff around the world from technology experts to content development editors. She shaped young professionals from university graduates into leaders in their fields."

- Troy Peden, Founder, GoAbroad.com